Rainbow Riches: Drops of Gold UK Slot

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Rainbow Riches: Drops of Gold UK slot


Rainbow Riches: Drops of Gold is a 5 reel, 200 betways slot with Irish themed. This UK slot was released in June 2018 by Barcrest. BONUS symbols are present in Free Spins and award additional Free Spins as described. Free Spins uses the same award card as the base game spin that triggered the feature.

Rainbow Riches: Drops of Gold UK Slot
RTP 97.75%
Features Free Spins, Bonus Symbols, Scatter Symbols, Wild
Developer Barcrest
Reels 5 Reels
Paylines 200 Paylines

Rainbow Riches: Drops of Gold UK Slot Screenshot

Rainbow Riches: Drops of Gold UK slot game

Rainbow Riches: Drops of Gold Paytable

Rainbow Riches: Drops of Gold UK slot game

Rainbow Riches: Drops of Gold Slot Summary

Thought you’d seen everything when it comes to the Rainbow Riches franchise? I’m fairly certain that Barcrest told the other gaming giants to hold their beer when they released Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold!

At first glance, the reinvention which came over a decade after the release of the original game is fairly similar, there’s a 5 x 4 reel slot grid, but what isn’t immediately apparent to the eye is that there is quite a significant offering of pay lines. While some UK Slots only think to give you 25 or less, Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold will give you 200 different ones to choose from.

There’s also an incredibly high return to player rate which can go as high as 97.5% - you’ll need to activate a certain optional feature for this privilege. Even still, the average return to player rate is still way above most online slot games.

Play Rainbow Riches: Drops of Gold UK Slot

Barcrest knew that they would have to deal with the fact that Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold came 10 years after the original, so, they kept all the key elements of magic and added some incredible contemporary features. Even better, Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold has been completely optimised to work well with your mobile and handheld devices! The graphics are sharper than ever and the gameplay is infinitely more seamless! This makes it so much easier to fall in love with the happy go lucky leprechaun who will be all too eager to share his luck with you as you spin the reels on this incredibly innovative, forward-thinking, and quite literally ground-breaking online slot game.

Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold will be set in a slightly different location, but don’t worry – you will still get to appreciate the majestic allure of the Irish countryside. There will be plenty enough icons of Ireland’s culture to make sure that it’s obvious that you’re in the heart of Ireland. You may not get to see all that many pots of gold or leprechauns, and the chances of finding a four-leaf clover or a rainbow are just the same, but it is always nice to believe that such a place happens where magic exists in the world.

Along with the high-shine polish which Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold received when it was published, there are also a few alterations to the gameplay experience! As soon as you load up the reels, you will notice that something is a little different, you will spot some pots of silver and gold at the top of the reels which are waiting to rain down! It all becomes incredibly exciting if that happens! But there is enough excitement to be found in the normal gameplay experience of Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold which lets you win 1000 coins just by joining together 5 of the highest value symbol – the logo of the online slot!

There are also two separate wild symbols in Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold – the reason for that will become apparent very soon!

Rainbow Riches: Drops of Gold Slot Bonus Features

While the main mode of play can be quickly understood, things take a little bit more of a complicated turn with the bonus features in Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold! But anyone who is looking for an online slot game which gives them a challenge are sure to find plenty of reasons to keep the reels spinning!

Here are the 3 bonus features to Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold!

There are technically three separate bonus features which is on offer from Drops of Gold which is a generous amount from Barcrest. You’ll just have to decide which one you like the most!

Falling Wilds Bonus Feature

As we mentioned before, there are some generous pots of silver and gold which are just waiting to fall into your laps, well, your coin balance! All it will take is for the wild symbol which we spoke of earlier to appear on reel 5. Then sit back and watch the pots which were waiting to fall appear on your set of reels. This will come alongside a pretty impressive coin balance top up! There’s no telling how much you will win when this happens!

Free Spins Bonus Round

The free spins bonus round works in pretty much the same way as every standard free spins offering! 3 or more scatters will unlock the round – but now many spins you get depends on how many symbols you’ve matched together. 3, 4 and 5 triggers will win you 8, 12, and 16 free spins respectively.

If the luck of the Irish is with you, you will be able to get your hands on even more free spins! In theory, the free spins bonus round in Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold could go on forever! Even if you’re not as lucky as a leprechaun and will be transfixed to the reels for the rest of your days as you cash in on wins, you will still walk away with some nice cash wins!

Big Bet Bonus Feature

The Big Bet bonus is fairly prevalent in all of Barcrest’s online slot games. So, it would be sad if they hadn’t included it! If you can afford to put down a big bet bonus feature stake amount, we’d definitely recommend that all players use the function at least once!

A £20 bet will give you expanding wilds to play with, £30 will give you exactly the same plus the removal of the lower-value symbols from the main gameplay. If you’re brave enough to place down £50 on a stake, this will automatically mean that you are playing with 100 active pay lines. You can imagine how many wins are to be had there! The bet line number goes up to 200 when you are entered into the free spins round! Just cross your fingers it happens when you are in the Big Bet mode!

Rainbow Riches: Drops of Gold Developer - Barcrest

Rainbow Riches may have been Barcrest’s biggest contemporary success, but there is much more to the powerhouse of talent than Rainbow Riches! Their story began all the way back in 1968, a time long before the internet dawn of gaming! So, instead, they wisely focused their efforts on online slot games. The original Rainbow Riches was released in 2006, and since then, they have created seven different slot games in the same franchise – UK slot casino players just can’t get enough!

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