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fluffy favourites UK slots


Fluffy Favourites is a 5 reel, 25 betways slot with cute stuffed animal themed. This UK slot was released in September 2016 by Eyecon. Fluffy Favourites online slot is the most popular game around!

Fluffy Favourites UK Slot
RTP 95.3%
Features Free Spins, Scatter symbols, Gamble, Toybox Pick
Developer Eyecon
Reels 5 Reels
Paylines 25 Paylines

If you were to ask any online slot game fan to name five of the most iconic UK Slots, the chances are, that Fluffy Favourites would be at the top of everyone’s list.

Fluffy Favourites Slot Summary

Even though Fluffy Favourites may not look all that ground-breaking now, back when it was first published in 2006, the online slot game made plenty of waves, strong enough waves to completely transform the landscape of iGaming!

A lot has happened in the last 13 years, but somehow Fluffy Favourites remains an online slot game which reel fans can’t help but be endeared by!

Eyecon certainly haven’t lost the ability to create incredibly cute online slot games, however no many times they try to create the magic of Fluffy Favourites, it simply can’t be matched! The classically styled online slot game is a firm favourite for plenty of our players on Lion Wins!

So, what’s the big deal?

Pay Fluffy Favourites UK Slot

As with any cult hit, the enchantment behind it can’t be fully alluded to in any form of explanation, the joy is found in the unique feel of the game which will become all too apparent once you start spinning away!

But, the adoration of Fluffy Favourites mainly falls down to the loveable host of characters which you will get acquainted with on the 5 x 3 reel slot grid. While each of the symbols will be able to win you a different amount of money, you will come to love them all the same. The symbols include pandas, dragons, giraffes, elephants, and plenty more!

Another reason why you will be quick to fall in love with the online slot game casino favourite is the accessibility of the game. While some online slot games set their minimum stake amount to as high as 50p, if you are choosing to pay on just one of the bet lines you will be able to play from as little as £0.01! The 50p maximum bet amount may not be ideal for high rollers, but there are plenty of other games featured on Lion Wins for those with a bigger budget!

Even with the relatively small betting ranges, you’ll still have the ability to win up to 5000 coins! Even if you’re not lucky enough to close the reels after finding the jackpot you will see plenty of prizes in your coin balance thanks to the 95.3% return to player rate which will ensure that you will never have to spin for too long before a win!

It should go without saying that you really can’t expect the most stunning graphics from Fluffy Favourites given that it was created over 13 years ago. However Fluffy Favourites comes with something far better; a sense of childhood nostalgia. The datedness of the graphics add to the raggedy nature of the plush toys which will remind you of the toys you were so keen to win at the fair as a child! Taking you back to the nostalgic summery haze of childhood days is a massive part of the magic with Fluffy Favourites.

If high-end graphics are a must from a slot game experience for you, we would highly recommend checking out some of the later releases in the Fluffy Favourites franchise, especially the 2018 sequel releases – there are so many to try! Eyecon have even created an internet scratch card game carrying the Fluffy Favourites theme!

Fluffy Favourites Slot Bonus Features

While the bonus features to Fluffy Favourites may seem relatively standard now, don’t forget, that they were the bonus features which set the standard!!

Eyecon equipped Fluffy Favourites with the charming pink elephant symbol who will help you to unlock one of the bonus rounds. But that’s not all they’ve got up their sleeve (trunk?), the pink elephant will also act as the substitute symbol to help you create more winning lines.

Free Spins Bonus Round

The free spins bonus round is where the pink elephant comes in handy. By finding 3 or more you will unlock the fairly standard and easy to play free spins bonus round. The highest amount of free spins on offer is set to 25 which gives you plenty of chances to win! Each win in the free spins bonus round will be worth three times the amount it was in the main mode of play due to the 3x multiplier on offer.

Toy Box Bonus Round

Not content with just offering a typical free spins round, Eyecon chose to also include a bonus feature which had never been seen before. For this bonus round, you will need to find three or more of the second scatter symbol – the claw symbol. If your luck is with you in this round, you will be able to walk away with a whopping 100x multiplier!

Jackpot Prize

Technically, this isn’t a bonus feature, but we thought you’d like to know how to win the jackpot in Fluffy Favourites!

The 5000 coins are up for grabs if you create a winning line containing five hippo symbols!

The second highest cash prize which is to play for is the 1000x multiplier, which is all yours when you match five of the dragon symbols.

Fluffy Favourites Developer - Eyecon

When it comes to creating cute and cuddly, no one does it better than Eyecon. With their unique ability to invoke a potent sense of childhood nostalgia, it’s safe to say that their production style is one of the most distinctive which we have ever seen on Lion Wins!

Eyecon have been around since 1997, however their first online slot game wasn’t created until 2003. “Temple of Iris” was an instant hit – it still remains popular even to this day! However, when Fluffy Favourites came along in 2006 it definitely stole the show!