Legend of Cleopatra UK Slot

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Legends of Cleopatra UK slot


Legends of Cleopatra is a 2-3-3-4-5-5 layout slot with Egyptian themed. This UK slot was released in January 2018 by Playson. 3 or more Scatter symbols during Main Game trigger Free Spins.

Legends of Cleopatra UK Slot
RTP 95.05%
Features Free Spins, Scatter symbols, Wild
Developer Playson
Reels 2-3-3-4-5-5
Paylines 100 Paylines

Legends of Cleopatra UK Slot Screenshot

Legends of Cleopatra UK slot game

Legends of Cleopatra Paytable

Legends of Cleopatra UK slot game

Legends of Cleopatra Slot Summary

Fancy an exotic trip at the same time as a spin of the reels? You could head to Egypt and find a land-based casino. Alternatively, you could play Legends of Cleopatra right her on Lion Slots!

The larger 6 reel slot game gives you more pay lines than your average slot, there are 100 different fixed pay lines to choose from, play across one, or play across them all to increase your chances of winning. Yet, with the high volatility of Legends of Cleopatra, you’ll experience plenty of wins with just one pay line!

The theme of the UK Slots is centred around Ancient Egypt and the remarkable achievements of the last Pharaoh of Egypt. She may have died all the way back in 30 BC, but it is unlikely that she’ll ever be forgotten. During her life time, she famously made an alliance with Julius Caesar who helped to steal back Cleopatra’s seat of power. Cleopatra and Caesar lived in relative peace for a while up until the point Caesar was assassinated. It wasn’t long until Cleopatra moved on, and joined Marc Antony’s side, yet, sadly, things never quite worked out for Cleopatra; her and Antony’s end was incredibly similar to that of Romeo and Juliet.

But don’t worry, the Legends of Cleopatra online slot game is much cheerier! You’ll get to join the scandalous princess on the hunt for the gold she spent her life surrounded by.

Play Legends of Cleopatra UK Slot

There may be multiple Egyptian-themed online slot games available to play at the moment, however Legends of Cleopatra by Playson, is by far the most popular – and for good reason! The game developer went the extra mile when polishing the graphics and the fun animations which you will enjoy as you spin the reels and unlock exciting bonus features.

Even though Legends of Cleopatra is an incredibly exciting game, Playson have left the rules easy to understand, and the prizes large enough to get excited about! We also fully recommend playing Legends of Cleopatra with the volume cranked up, so you can be completely immersed in the sun-soaked serene setting of Egypt.

Now, lets get to how Legends of Cleopatra truly sets itself apart. Instead of your usual grid formation of the reels, you will instead see a pyramid shape, with each reel containing a different number of rows – apart from reel 5 and 6 which will have 5 rows. The pyramid gets smaller from there on, until you get to the first reel where you will only find one row. It is partly due to this unique formation that you will be able to play with such a high amount of pay lines!

If you’re new to online slots and you’re concerned about getting the hang of a slot game that’s shaped like a pyramid, don’t be! That’s what the demo modes are there for so you can feel entirely comfortable before you place down a bet.

The Legends of Cleopatra symbols include specially-themed symbols which will win you the most amount of money when matched. Amongst those high paying symbols are Sphynx cats, Pharaoh dogs and scarab beetles. Don’t forget all of these creatures were sacred to the Ancient Egyptians – they’ll probably be sacred to you when you use them to win some money!

With a return to player rate of 95.05% you’ll see plenty of frequent wins and plenty in return from your stakes which you can set from anywhere between £1 and £100.

Legends of Cleopatra Slot Bonus Features

Finding the perfect balance of bonus features is no easy task, but it has to be said that Playson fused together the perfect mix of playability and immersivity. We’ll outline each of the different bonus features the best we can, but don’t forget that the demo is always there for you to use!

Grabbing the big multipliers

The highest multiplier available in the main gameplay is 350x which will be yours if you match together five of the Legends of Cleopatra symbols. There’s also the chance to win 50x, 125x, and 250x multipliers.

Special Symbols

To make the main gameplay even more exciting, you will get to look forward to the Wild symbol popping up. You won’t miss it, it simply reads ‘Wild’ in regal golden lettering. As usual, the wild will help you to make more winning combinations.

The scatter symbol is the scarab beetle and that will help you to unlock the free spins bonus round.

Double Wild Reels

Due to the unique formation of the reels in Legends of Cleopatra, you will get to play with the wild symbols in an entirely new way! The wilds which will appear on the reels are stackable – and considering that the smallest reel only has one row, you can be sure that the wins will be huge here. But the reels which are filled with Double Wilds are completely random – there’s no way of predicting what will happen.

Free Spins Bonus Round

The free spins bonus round is the main bonus feature in Legends of Cleopatra. How many you’ll will depend on how many of the scarab scatter symbols pop up on the reels.

3 scatter symbols will get you 5 free spins

4 scatter symbols will get you 10 free spins

5 scatter symbols will get you 15 free spins

If that doesn’t sound all too generous, don’t worry, you’ll have the opportunity to retrigger the free spins bonus round up to 50 times! You could be playing in free spins mode for hours!  It’s also a nice touch that the pyramid flips around, helping to remind you

Yet, the free spin round in Legends of Cleopatra isn’t your average free spin round. You’ll see the pyramid flip on the screen as the base of the pyramid now lies on the left side of the screen. But that’s not going to be what gets you excited about the free spin rounds – the ability to retrigger the feature up to 50 times will be surely enough.

Legends of Cleopatra Developer - Playson

Playson are the game developers behind some of the most popular online slot games which we have seen in 2018 and 2019. The relatively new online gaming development company had plenty of catching up to do with the other gaming giants. But with their rich and diverse portfolio, our players on Lion Wins can always find a slot which suits their playing style from the Malta-based developers.

If you want to try more of this giant casino games developer then you can try; Crystal Land slot, Down the Pub, Claws vs Paws slot game and many others you can get at Lion Wins.

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