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Blackjack by NYX and Gamevy is not your average slot, featuring a traditional Blackjack casino favourite virtual casino game, with 8 decks in play and a very high and pleasing return to player rate of 99.42% at this online slots casino. Play Blackjack Vegas favourite casino game at Lion Wins with 700+ UK slots to choose from.

RTP 99.42%
Developer NYX and Gamevy

Blackjack Summary

Blackjack is not your average UK slot at this online slots casino, and it takes us back to some very nostalgic casino times with a simple concept and a more traditional feel. Blackjack is brought to you by a combination of expertise and creativity from NYX games and Gamevy development – who have teamed up to create a well-designed virtual blackjack table complete with some well-designed visuals and a contemporary take on a classic casino game.

Blackjack is a fairly new release, which allows players to play a fun casino game from the comfort of their own home via mobile, tablet and desktop devices with HTML5 development from NYX and Gamevy to ensure a suitable format for all screen sizes and compatibility to most devices, at this online slots casino. Blackjack offers a very high return to player rate of 99.42%, which is way above the average RTP rate at this online slots casino when you compare Blackjack to other UK slots by the same, and other developers.

Blackjack isn’t your usual reel slot display, it shows virtual animations which replicate the real blackjack gaming experience in physical casinos – designed to make players feel as though they are in a casino through this virtual online slots casino. Blackjack is more of a game of skill, which is suitable for more advanced players at this online slots casino and those who know what they are doing. Blackjack makes it as easy as ever to play the loved casino classic game, through touch screen tap-to-bet features and a clean display with realistic card visuals on Blackjack slot, at this online slots casino. Blackjack features 8 decks in play, which is a fair amount and keeps things engaging at this online slots casino. The cards Blackjack are shuffled on each hand, to shake things up and give another form of winning. You can play up to 3 hands on Blackjack UK slot, for added fun and excitement at this online slots casino.

Play Blackjack

Blackjack UK slot by NYX and Gamevy is arguably one of the most well-designed slots available at this slots casino, as it replicates an authentic casino table through virtual HTML5 development to allow players to feel as though they are sat at the blackjack table, from the comfort of their own home with a compatible device. Blackjack is set against a classic green felt table, which offers a traditional casino feel and allows the cards to stand out against the background to engage your attention when playing Blackjack. The cards in Blackjack are designed to look authentic, offering a realistic image to re-create the authentic casino view.

Blackjack keeps things simple, and offers a touch screen function which allows you to simply tap the chips to place a bet with ease, on Blackjack at this online slots casino. Chips are shown in varying colours including yellow, red and blue to offer different values of payouts in Blackjack. There are nice visuals such as a golden glow when you manage to win on Blackjack, which emphasises your gain and allows you to celebrate whilst making it obvious when a payout is being made on Blackjack.

Blackjack is suitable for advanced, experienced slot casino players who are familiar with the rules of Blackjack casino game – although, it can be easily understood and enjoyed if you are willing to take the time to revise the rules of Blackjack. To make a bet on Blackjack, you simply tap the chip which you wish to enter and watch the screen – Blackjack is a game which the player has a lot of control, based a lot around strategy which makes it more enjoyable than other UK slots at this online slots casino, not to mention the high RTP rate. There are 8 decks in play on Blackjack, and players can play up to 3 hands in one go when playing Blackjack against the dealer. The aim of Blackjack is to get as close to the value of 21 without going over by too much. The intended combination is usually an ace card, which can usually bring good things if found during Blackjack.

Blackjack Bonus Features

After a hand is dealt in Blackjack, players need to make the decision to either twist or stick which essentially a gamble feature in Blackjack traditional slot game by NYX and Gamevy. Players make this choice to split or double their hand, which is where the strategy comes in and players have to give their actions some thought in hope of winning on Blackjack. Once the choice has been made on Blackjack, whether to split or double, the dealer plays their hand and payouts are made. Blackjack seems as a straightforward and quick slot game, although a lot of strategies and thought is required in comparison to other spin slot games, at this online slots casino.

Blackjack Developer - NYX and Gamevy

You can thank NYX and Gamevy for this modern virtual slot edition to a casino classic, Blackjack game. Blackjack is recommended to those who enjoy playing UK casino games with strategy and differs from usual UK slots here at this online slots casino. There are no special bonus features in this classic slot and will appeal more to those who love the classical tradition of casino games. For more slots like Blackjack at, you should try Deal or No Deal Blackjack for a slightly more modern version!

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