20p Roulette

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20p Roulette slot


20p Roulette is a table game by Inspired Gaming. There are 37 Potential outcomes for each spin of the wheel.

20p Roulette UK Casino
RTP 97.3%
Developer Inspired Gaming
Paylines 1 Paylines

20p Roulette UK Slot Screenshot

20p Roulette UK slot game

20p Roulette Paytable

20p Roulette UK slot game

Fan of hybrid games? You may just find that Inspired Gaming’s incredibly innovative game 20p Roulette is right up your street. Whilst we may not be able to technically refer to 20p Roulette as an online slot game, as there will be a very different type of spinning going on, 20p Roulette still lends heavily from the structures of your typical UK Slots.

20p Roulette Summary

The game was designed by Inspired Gaming to look fairly old and set up a classic feel to the game. What’s more classic than the depiction of a velvety green Roulette board to put you in the mood for some classic style action? With the graphics in mind, it may surprise you to learn that the game was actually developed in 2015! So, at least you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be playing with modern tech as you spin!

In the past few years, game developers have been battling it out to create the most innovative slot game, so, in a stroke of genius, Inspired Gaming thought to look to the past, and one of the oldest table games known to western cultures!

With most online slot games only offering a return to player rate of around 95 – 96%, the fact that 20p Roulette chose to give you a 97.3% RTP is incredibly generous! The RTP will ensure that you enjoy plenty of frequent wins whether you are playing for a long or short duration.

20p Roulette Online Gameplay

While the rules on the return to player rates stay the same, you won’t be able to place your bets on more than one betting line at a time. Just as you would with a traditional roulette table you can bet on odds, evens, blacks, reds, areas, or specific numbers. You’ll just need to decide what you would like to take a bet with before each spin of the Roulette wheel.

There may be plenty of Roulette/online slot games available online now in 2019, but 20p Roulette was one of the first which gave players the ability to appreciate the versatility of online slot games.

Whether you’ve always been curious about roulette as an online slot player, or always been curious about online slots as a roulette player, it is the perfect option – just be warned that this in no way is your average slot game!

The online slot is very aptly named considering that the minimum stake amount has been set to 20p. So there are definitely games out there which will let you play with a smaller betting amount, but the great thing about the betting range is that it’s so wide! The maximum betting amount being set to £1000 indicates that the game has been set up with the high rollers in mind. But however much you choose to play with, you’re sure to see a great return on your money.

£1000 as a stake amount not high enough? How about £10,000? If you bet on evens with the highest stake amounts, this is what you will be putting down. But, if you are going to be betting with such a large stake amount, always make sure you know how the game works with smaller budgets to start!

20p Roulette Bonus Features

You may have noticed that we haven’t exactly said a lot about bonus features up until this point, that’s because, with 20p Roulette, there isn’t all that much which will distract you from the main gameplay experience!

While this will go down a treat with many gamers, others will be slightly disappointed. If that’s the case, it’s highly recommended you check out other bonus-rich games such as Rainbow Riches.

So, in the absence of free spins, multipliers, wild symbols, and other inventively designed bonus rounds, you will be guaranteed a simple and easy to follow gaming experience!

If you’re still nervous about trying to get to grips with 20p Roulette, we found it to be one of the easiest to understand games we host here on Lion Wins! Especially for anyone who has experienced playing a traditional roulette board before!

The rules are pretty much exactly the same, aside from this time, you will be playing with coins instead of chips, choose to play your way, and don’t be afraid to mix it up!

If you choose to put your coins down on just one number the odds of you winning are 37 to one, meaning that if you want to win the highest amount in the game you will get £37,000 as a max jackpot.

If you’re not quite that daring and wish to place your bets on odds or evens, black or whites, you will see your stake amount doubled on the 50 / 50 bet!

The nearest thing to a special feature is the ‘neighbour bet’ option which allows you to close off parts of the roulette board and increase your chance of winning! Another feature which we really appreciated was the speed spin button, we’ll be honest, the process of placing a stake is much longer than your average spin of the reels! So, this function was definitely well received by us!

20p Roulette Developer - Inspired Gaming

Inspired Gaming is one of the biggest gaming and betting giants currently in operation. They have become globally famous for their leading talent and ideas which bring their mobile games, classic slots, hybrid slots, sports games, and server-based games to life!

In the slot world they may not be the biggest name, but the developers are also responsible for the lottery too which stands as a testament to their content!

Their 800+ employs have created a diverse range of online slot games which are played in over 30 countries and through over 100 different online slot casino websites!

Alongside 20p Roulette, their other popular online slot games currently includes Super Fruits Wild, the Big 500 Slot, Gold Cash, Gold National: Race of Champions, Centurion and Maximus Payus. There really is something for everyone in their portfolio!

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