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Why Do They Change Dice In Casinos?

Why Do They Change Dice In Casinos?

Casino games, especially the ones involving dice, have always been a subject of intrigue for both players and spectators alike. Among the numerous curiosities that surround these games, one question that often pops up is: Why do casinos change dice? This article aims to shed some light on this enigma. 

What Is The Difference Between Casino Dice & Regular Dice?

Firstly, it's essential to understand that casino dice are distinct from the regular dice used in board games. These are not your run-of-the-mill dice; they're often referred to as precision dice. Precision dice are meticulously crafted to ensure unbiased outcomes, in stark contrast to the regular dice that may not uphold the same level of fairness. 

Casino dice are larger and made from high-quality materials to maintain balance and true randomness in every roll. They bear unique characteristics, such as sharp edges and serial numbers, which are not found in regular dice. 

Why Do Casinos Change Dice?

The primary reason behind casinos changing dice is to maintain the integrity of the games and ensure fair play. Let's delve deeper into this: 

Maintaining Randomness

Casinos operate on the principles of probability and randomness. To uphold this randomness in dice games, casinos are obligated to replace dice approximately every four to eight hours, usually during a shift change. This standard operating procedure helps in maintaining the randomness of the dice throws. 

Dice Tampering Prevention

A few players, driven by the motive to cheat the casino, may resort to dice tampering. To nip this malpractice in the bud, casinos frequently change dice. They also use dice etched with serial numbers to minimise the possibility of "crooked" dice being used. 

Ensuring Sharp Edges

The shape and design of the dice play a significant role in the outcome of the throw. Casino dice are known for their sharp edges, which ensure random rolls. Over time, these sharp edges can become rounded due to continuous use, which could potentially affect the randomness of the outcome. Therefore, frequent replacement becomes a necessity. 

How Often Do Casinos Change Dice?

As mentioned before, casinos usually replace dice during each shift change, which typically happens every four to eight hours. However, they reserve the right to change the dice as often as they deem fit. For instance, during a player's winning streak, the casino might replace the dice to ensure that the player's results aren't due to tampered dice. 

What Is Special About Casino Dice?

Casino dice are special due to their unique design and security features. These dice are carefully designed to maintain fairness in the games. 

Security Measures in Casino Dice

To ensure fair play and prevent any potential fraudulent activities, casinos implement extensive security measures in their dice. Here's a rundown of some of these security features: 

  • Serial Numbers: Casinos often imprint serial numbers on each dice. This helps them quickly identify if a different dice is used during the game.
  • Key Letter Spots: Dice manufacturers are often asked by casinos to include a special monogram before painting the dice. This is invisible to players but can help casinos detect any fake dice.
  • Glow Spots: Some casinos use dice with special epoxy-filled spots that change colour under UV light. This enables floor managers to check the legitimacy of the dice using a simple black light test.
  • Cancellation: Before replacing the dice, casinos may use a hand-operated press to imprint a circular marking on the dice surface. This indicates that the dice have been cancelled and are no longer in use.

Are Casino Dice Loaded?

Contrary to popular myths, casinos do not use loaded or rigged dice. Loaded dice are those that have been tampered with to favour a particular outcome. Using such dice would be against the stringent gambling regulations that casinos adhere to. 

Moreover, casinos have no need to use rigged dice as they are already privy to an average profit from the house edge in the long run. Rest assured, the dice you're throwing in a casino are as fair as they can be. So, the next time you find yourself in a casino, remember that the casino's primary focus is on maintaining fairness, preventing potential tampering, and ensuring the integrity of the games.