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What Is Rakeback In Poker?

What Is Rakeback In Poker?

In this blog post for Lion Wins, a premier UK online casino, we'll demystify the concept of Rakeback in Poker - a term that might sound complex but is essential for both novices and seasoned players to understand. 

We'll explore what Rakeback is and how it functions within the realm of online poker, as well as unravel the reasons behind its absence on certain poker sites. Whether you're just starting out or looking to deepen your understanding of online poker, this guide is crafted to make the concept of Rakeback accessible and clear to everyone. Let's dive in. 

How Rakeback Works

In the world of online poker, "rake" refers to a small percentage of the pot that the house, or poker site, takes as a commission for hosting the game. Think of it as a service fee. 

"Rakeback" is a player-friendly incentive where the poker site returns a portion of this rake back to the players. How does it work? It's quite simple: The more you play, the more rake you generate, and consequently, the more Rakeback you can earn. This system is set up as a sort of loyalty program aimed at rewarding regular players. 

For example, if a site offers 20% Rakeback and you've contributed £100 in rake over a month, you'll receive £20 back. It's a way for players to regain some of their fees and for casinos to retain players. 

Why Doesn't Every Poker Site Have a Rakeback?

The presence of Rakeback programs varies across online poker sites for several reasons, and it boils down to each site's strategy for attracting and retaining players. While one site might see Rakeback as an appealing way to reward loyalty and encourage more gameplay, another might choose different promotional offers instead. 

These alternatives can include sign-up bonuses, tournament entries, or other unique rewards that fit their marketing strategy and budget. 

Essentially, each poker site tailors its incentives based on what they believe will best appeal to their player base and serve their business goals. This variety in promotional strategies means that players have the flexibility to choose a site that offers the benefits most aligned with their preferences. Understanding this can help players make more informed decisions about which site to go with when navigating the online poker landscape. 


To wrap up, we've navigated through the essentials of Rakeback in Poker, an incentive that allows players to reclaim a portion of their paid rakes as a reward for their continued patronage. 

We've learned that Rakeback works by giving back a percentage of the rake collected by the poker site to its players, promoting loyalty and sustained play. However, not all poker sites offer Rakeback, with some choosing instead to attract and retain players with various other promotional offers. Each site decides its strategy based on what it believes will best serve its players and its business, providing a diverse online poker landscape for players to explore. 

Please gamble responsibly.