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Rainbow Riches UK Slot

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Rainbow Riches UK slot


Rainbow Riches is a 5 reel, 20 betways slot with Irish themed. This UK slot was released in May 2009 by Barcrest. The Road to Riches Bonus feature allows you to win up to 500 times your stake and chance to win up to is 250,000 coins.

Rainbow Riches UK Slot
RTP 95%
Features Scatter symbols, Wild, Road to Riches
Developer Barcrest
Reels 5 Reels
Paylines 20 Paylines

Rainbow Riches UK Slot Screenshot

Rainbow Riches UK slot game

Rainbow Riches Paytable

Rainbow Riches UK slot game

Rainbow Riches Slot Summary

Slot games don’t come much more iconic than Rainbow Riches. The plucky leprechaun who will be your guide through the online slot game has pretty much become a poster boy of online slot games; and one which we are always happy to feature on Lion Wins.

Although they didn’t know it at the time, Barcrest created one of the most seminal UK Slots the internet had ever seen back in 2006. So, why are we still talking about it now? Rainbow Riches is the Dorian Grey of slot games, it’s ageless and just as charming, however, it is slightly cheerier than Oscar Wilde’s 1890 novel!

It is the magic behind the Rainbow Riches which keeps players coming back time and time again, that may sound a little airy-fairy, but it’s true! The charm behind this charismatic slot game is undeniable, just spin the reels a few times and find out for yourselves.

Or, if you’d like a little more information, read on to find out all of the exciting features offered by Rainbow Riches!

Play Rainbow Riches UK Slot

While the return to player rate isn’t all too high sitting at 95%, you’ll be able to increase the frequency of your wins by playing on higher numbers of pay lines. There are 20 available to choose from off the 5 x 3 grid which is perfect for players who like to put down plenty on each spin.

Given that there have been plenty of changes to online slot games, somehow nothing seems to be missing from Rainbow Riches when put in comparison to other contemporary online slots! If players truly can’t get on board with playing an online slot game released in 2006, there are plenty of moderner alternatives which followed the success of Rainbow Riches. But it is highly recommended for all slot fans to try out this seminal title.

Rainbow Riches is so popular, that a character which was born through an online slot game depiction has made its way back into the realm of land-based slots. Rainbow Riches is now available to play on a one-armed bandit! So keep your eyes peeled for the physical versions of Rainbow Riches too. Although, you won’t be able to win the same jackpot prizes which are on offer on the online version!

Even though the min betting amount is set to 0.01 and the maximum is 20, the jackpot behind Rainbow Riches is huge! Up to 250,000 coins can be won – which is one of the highest paying jackpots we host here on Lion Wins! Now it’s starting to be easy to see why so many slot fans haven’t been persuaded to replace this incredibly well-rounded game.

Yes, there’s a slight vintage feel to the graphics, but the colours still remain vibrant and striking, plus, the whole online slot screams Irish and Celtic culture at you! There are plenty of specially-themed symbols such as pots of gold, wishing wells, and of course the leprechauns which represent the higher-value slot games. However, there are also lesser valued symbols including J, Q, K, & A; these symbols may not be all too exciting, but they definitely increase the frequency of the payouts!

Rainbow Riches Slot Bonus Features

Even in 2019, not many game designers are brave enough to include three bonus features and risk making their online slot game overly complicated. So, as you can imagine, it was a fairly bold move from Barcrest back in 2005!

You’ll notice that the online slot lacks wild symbols which will act as a substitute for standard symbols during the gameplay, and there is also the absence of a free spins bonus feature to mourn.

But with the impressively innovative (for 2005) bonus features, as soon as you get acquainted with them, you won’t be missing the free spins or wilds anymore!

The greatest prize up for grabs through the bonus features is the 500x multiplier, but remember, the cash rewards aren’t the only exciting aspect of the side game! They’re also endearingly exhilarating and will definitely make you see why Rainbow Riches is so incredibly popular!

Road to Riches Bonus Feature

Find 3 leprechauns on the reels to be transported to a game featuring a wheel which you will need to spin the wheel and hope that the needle lands in the right place to reward you with some of the awesome prizes! Although there is always the danger that you will walk away from the Road to Riches bonus feature empty handed. Alternatively, if you keep on landing multipliers, you will get more spins of the wheel until you hit the maximum multiplier amount which is set to 500x.

Wishing Well Bonus Feature

It will take 3 Wishing Well scatter symbols to unlock this one, the game is incredibly easy to play, but that doesn’t mean that finding the right multiplier is! You’ll only get one selection, so take your time and cross your fingers. This is a much shorter-lived bonus feature compared to the Road to Riches Bonus feature, but you will still get the same chance of cashing out with a huge multiplier!

Pots of Gold Bonus Feature

We saved the best bonus feature for last! To unlock this one, you’ll need to find three of the gold pot symbols on reels two, three and four. When this happens, you’ll be presented with a spectacular visual treat and need to pick the right pot of gold out of the 12 on the screen! Our players at Lion Wins adore this feature!

Rainbow Riches Developer - Barcrest

Barcrest didn’t start out as an online slot game developer, that’s because they first came together as a small business back in 1968 – well before the days of the internet. So, back then, they created land-based slot machines along with various other entertainment products.

So, when online slots started to be developed in the 90s, Barcrest were amongst the best equipped to create the best in-house talent to be hosted on online slot casinos!

Their 2006 Rainbow Riches game may be the most popular title from the developers, but that’s not to say they haven’t created plenty o other slot machine gems which became instant classics!